We are convinced the future of video lies in the network.

We offer innovative automated solutions, tailored to operating rooms and videoconferencing.

Our approach

To satisfy our client’s demands, we have massively invested in IP video and NDI® technology.

NDI®, an innovative production environment

The encoding efficiency and unprecedented performance of NDI® allow your network to manage several simultaneous high quality video streams, without any latency:

  • Immediate interconnection between each device
  • A source is also a destination
  • Optimized live production
  • Remote access and control for unlimited reactivity
  • Elimination of routing constraints and video formats
  • Reduced installation costs

NDI® is a registered trademark of Vizrt Group.

Our solutions, especially suited to the medical world, are naturally compatible with all types of infrastructure, from operating theaters to conference rooms.

Our expertise

Our cross-disciplinary approach allows us to offer unique, upgradeable and adapted solutions to your work environment. Our engineers study your constraints for an automated usage of our solutions to make your every-day life easier.
Our expertise

Our double expertise in video and IT allows us to offer optimized, flexible and easy to deploy solutions.

Whether fixed or mobile, our installations are automated and benefit from a personalized and secure control interface, the ergonomics of which are designed according to your needs, and are easy to use for all.

Our added value
  • A team of highly qualified technicians
  • A lab dedicated to the creation of our solutions
  • Personalized technical support with NewTek®
  • Responsive maintenance
  • International mobility
  • A hub with 4 developers dedicated to the design of tailored applications​

Our products


We have developed the LYNKS application for the neurovascular division of Stryker, an American company specialized in the production of medical devices, at the request of the Training and Medical Education Department.


Its use was thought and designed by our developers to meet a specific objective: facilitate the remote training of physicians and/or be assisted by a peer during complex surgical interventions.


Worldwide assistance, in real time, regardless of the distance between the 2 access points. Tailor-made for the neurovascular field, it can be adapted to all types of specialties and more broadly to all your training needs in the medical field or elsewhere.

Slice Mai 2021 – Service Neurologie CHU Gui de Chauliac – Montpellier

Secured and encrypted (256bits AES via peer 2 peer), the LYNKS application allows a connection between 2 locations, to remotely contol robotic cameras, with an audio duplex that is faster than a phone call.


The application also enables one to draw, annotate, and chat, from any device (phone, computer, tablet) for an immediate rendering at the other end of the world (less than 300 miliseconds latency).​


Video quality automatically adjusts according to the Internet connection.


The difficulties of accessing the Internet network in most healthcare facilities led us to develop and integrate a standalone 4G/5G solution in LYNKS, which makes it possible to do without a connection to a local network.​


We also integrate this application in mobile hardware kits. The branding of the packaging is customizable, and the ergonomics of the kits have been specifically designed for frequent trips and optimized transportation.​


Your staff trained by our team will be able to deploy and use this solution easily, without having video or IT skills. Buying a kit and an annual license will give you unlimited use of the tool and access to our 24/7 technical support anywhere in the world.


Today, Careprod Lynks is the software reference in Stryker’s training solution, « SKILL Assit Remote Proctoring ».


The application is installed in 80 movable kits, deployed around the world. Hardware kits of video assistance have been developped from scratch by our teams and commercialized on behalf of Stryker Neurovascular.


We also ensure a worldwide technical support 24/7 for each use of the solution.


The Careprod Connect application is compatible with iOS & Android.

It has been specifically thought and designed to pilot our video solutions. Intuitive and personalized, it makes our installations accessible to everyone, for fast and easy usage.


Kitting yourselves out with a solution managed by Careprod Connect, means choosing:​

  • A personalized interface​
  • A branded installation
  • An easy-to-use back office​
  • A responsive technical support​
  • The Training your team for 100% autonomous usage