Careprod’s philosophy has always been to create a centre of excellence, able to cover the largest range of clients’ needs.​

Thus, we are at the forefront with the creation of 2 structures dedicated to the Health sector.

Master & Fellow is a company that produces and distributes educational content in the medical field. Specialised in neuroscience, neurology, neurosurgery and neuroradiology, its purpose is to internationally distribute content intended for medical and paramedical staff and researchers.


Master & Fellow aims to explore all the fields of neuroscience. Master & Fellow is currently continuing its development on the theme of ischaemic and haemorrhagic strokes due to the major societal impact linked to these pathologies in Europe, the USA and Asia. Strokes are the biggest cause of dependency and the second biggest cause of death in these areas of the world.


Master & Fellow’s goal is to offer practitioners innovative, interactive and practical teaching, which will make it possible to train medical and paramedical staff on an international scale.


Master & Fellow focuses on interventional neuroradiology training through:

SLICE Worldwide

This congress addresses the treatment and management of ischaemic strokes. This multidisciplinary meeting allows international specialists to discuss good practices.

SLICE Next Frontiers

This congress is more focused on haemorrhagic pathologies and treatment for aneurysms. The format of this congress is essentially practical, centered on role-playing with silicone models.

SLICE Workshops

This platform offers face-to-face training that allows you to gain credits in several international centres.



Edop is a platform that puts physicians and his/her patients in touch with each other, with the objective of better informing the patient of the procedure and postoperative monitoring of a surgical intervention, through information files and educational videos (approved by a scientific board).​


At the end of the journey on the platform, the patient has the ability to sign his/her consent electronically.


We put at your disposal an online platform that contains educational information for patients (files and 3D videos) linked to their surgical intervention, and collection of informed consent via electronic signature.


Thanks to our API, EDOP Hospi can connect to all hospital information systems and practice mangement software.


We put at your disposal an online platform adapted to clinical research studies and to the inclusion of patients in them, with the collection of electronic signatures.


Broadcasting of sub-titled educational videos in the waiting rooms of healthcare facilities or medical offices.